Meet the Board

Kay Ingle, Alpha Leader and Founder of Vizsla Rescue Haven.
Kay discovered Vizslas while working at an animal shelter during the 1970s. A young, frightened, female Vizsla named Cleo was brought in, slated to be euthanized—she would not let anyone near her. Kay spent the next day luring her with pieces of bread until she could pet her. Cleo went home with Kay that night and spent the next 13 years with her—one redhead in a lifelong series. In 1995, Kay helped create The Vizsla Home Page, one of the first if not the first Web site exclusively about Vizslas, aimed at educating people about the breed to help reduce the need for rescues. Kay has been active in rescue, both local and national Vizsla clubs, holding offices and board positions.

Lisa Clowdus
Lisa got her first Vizsla as a puppy in 1982 and joined the Vizsla Club of Northern California that same year. Since then, she and her husband Bart have supported Vizsla rescue and have adopted nine adult Vizslas, most of them in the 11 to 13 year-old range. Their current Vizsla, Leah, is 10 years old and was the first Vizsla in the country to receive a K9 Nose Work 3 title. Lisa is a founding member of the VRH, was its first Treasurer, and has continued on as a Board Member since. Lisa is also a Board Member for the Vizsla Rescue Fund.

Marci Hansen
Marci started with the VRH in 2007. My husband and I got our first Vizsla in 2004. After that, we rescued two more Vizslas. Sadly, two have passed, and we have one remaining Vizsla (mix), though we continue to try to rescue dogs. We fell in love with this breed a long time ago, and that love affair has not ended. One day, when our kids aren’t so little and dependent on us, we will hopefully get another Vizsla, as this breed is so special to us. As of 2016, Marci has been the treasurer of VRH.

Dirf Madden
Dirf was given a rescued 2 yr old female Vizsla in 1971 by a co-worker. Few people knew what the Vizsla breed was, me included. She obviously was a field trial dog that got lost and was not socialized and scared of everything. I learned a lot about Vizslas and she learned to live as a house dog. I have had eight vizslas over the years. Seven dogs have been rescues and two bought as puppies from breeders. I even took two Vizsla dogs to live in Japan for a few years in 1980. Now I have two small Vizsla females; 11 years and 13 years old. Both are pedigreed Vizslas but one is the smallest Vizsla we have ever seen. Both are typical Vizslas, real loves. In 2005, I was invited to become a VRH board member. Since then I have helped VRH with rescue transportation, foster care, and have helped Kay at the VRH facility.