Meet the Pack

Current Residents

Conner 2Conner
Conner is a 5 yr old male Vizsla from Southern CA. He was severely abused by his owner who would rub his face in feces & kick & hit him. When he was 3, Conner bit a child that jumped on him to give him a full body hug while he was sleeping. Eventually he bit one of the owners when she was screaming at him for having diarrhea in the house & dragging him from under the bed. At this point they surrendered him to the VRH. Conner is receiving 24/7 training & socializing with a trainer. Once he has completed this training, he will be evaluated for possible adoption.


Tequila 2

Tequila is an active 12 yr old male Vizsla from Southern CA. His owner dumped him in a shelter after his new girlfriend’s young child ran into him full force & Tequila nipped him. Barely left a mark but they decided to get rid of him. He had a couple of lumps that needed to be checked but they were fatty tumors. He is friendly with other dogs & is happy to meet new people. Likes to go for walks & is great off leash. He always stays close but still enjoys smelling/investigating around. Comes when called if one speaks loudly so he may be a little hard of hearing. Tequila does not get on the furniture but likes to sleep on his foster dad’s bed at night. He sleeps the whole night through & uses the dog door when needed. He is perfectly house trained, no accidents or lifted leg inside. Not the most snugly dog but he may not have lived in an affectionate home. He seems to be getting more affectionate as time goes on. He is very loyal, always knows where his foster dad is & follows him around the house. If you would like to adopt this sweet boy please contact us at


Jake with wubba

Meet Jake V
Jake V is a 4 yr. old male Vizsla that came from a puppy mill situation in the Central Valley of CA where he was kept in a outdoor cage with other Vizslas. He had a chronic eye infection & was 15 lbs. under weight. He’d never been around people & would not let anyone touch him. He is improving & lets Kay pet him & even lays in her lap. He has yet to let other people pet him. Jake V has a long way to go before he will be available for adoption.




Meet Bentley
Bentley came from a back yard breeder in Southern CA. His owners got him when he was 9 mos old. He was skittish from the beginning but when they moved to the country, he freaked out. He barked all the time, ran the fence line, & bit a couple of people. He came to the Haven at the age of 6 in Sept, 2014. Bentley suffered from stranger aggression & resource guarding. In the beginning, he had to be on leash when going for walks. He has become more social and passes strangers, horses, and cows in the off leash park without being reactive. He will even ask for pets and treats from people now. Due to his need for constant management of his behavior problems, Bentley is a “lifer” here at the Haven where he will live out his life being loved & cared for in a home environment.


blaze5 (1)

Meet Blaze
Blaze came from a back yard breeder in Illinois but his owner lived in New York state. He was very fearful of unusual or unexpected noises, startles easily & resource guards also. He did bite a child when startled so the family was concerned about the safety of their kids. When he was 4 yrs old, he came to the Haven in July, 2013. He is a big boy & loves to cuddle & play tug of war. Blaze is a “lifer” at the Haven due to his behavior issues.



Beau arfter 2nd surgery wo coneMeet Beau
Beau was born with a severe cleft palate in June, 2014 & was from a back yard breeder in No. California. The owner tried to re-home the malnourished 12 week old puppy on social media because she could not afford the $8,000 surgery to correct his cleft palate. When the Haven called her, she agreed to give him to the Haven. Beau could not have the surgery until he was a year old. Thanks to a wonderful Haven foster home that nursed him for 9 months until the surgery could be done, Beau came through 3 surgeries & has gotten a Senior Hunter title. Once his condition is deemed stable with no lasting medical issues, his foster family will be adopting him.