How to Help


From shopping at a partnering retailer’s store to volunteering your time to donating supplies to contributing financially, Vizsla Rescue Haven offers a variety of simple ways to show the love. We are grateful for whatever assistance you can provide. Contributions to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations qualify for tax credits—ask your tax professional how you can claim this benefit.

Donate Cash or Card
For cash contributions, please send checks payable to “Vizsla Rescue Haven/Vizsladogs, Ltd.” to:
Kay Ingle, 6035 Sellers Avenue, Oakley, CA 94561.

To donate a car, go to
DonationLine Vehicle Donation Center
or call Kay Ingle at 510.508.0665.

Shop within the Community
When you shop with the retailers listed below, they contribute part of the profits to our organization.

Paco Collars  (copy and use code: CAVI01 on checkout)
Fetching Tags  (copy and use code: CAVI01 on checkout)

Sponsor a Pet
Sponsoring a pet partially or fully means your donations will go toward covering the medical and upkeep costs of a particular Vizsla that has captured your heart. Call Kay Ingle at 510.508.0665 to learn more.

Include Us in Your Will
Consider including a donation to us in your will or bequeathing to us a sum of money to cover the expenses associated with caring for your Vizsla if you have no other arrangements for when you die.

Contribute Dog Stuff
Want to contribute in a fun way that our rescue pooches can enjoy directly? Here’s what’s currently on our wish list:

  • Stuffed toys
  • Kongs, flying discs, and tug-of-war toys
  • Pigs’ ears, bully sticks, raw marrow bones, all-natural treats
  • Leashes and dog beds
  • Dog food (please inquire about the specific brand needed since some of the Vizslas may be on special diets)
  • Waist-high portable bath tub
  • Gift certificates to pet stores

Sometimes what our Vs need most is some extra physical activity or companionship. Consider volunteering your time to walk or socialize our dogs.

Foster or Adopt
Some of our Vizslas are potentially adoptable if given the proper care and attention in a foster home. If you have experience with dog issues, we’d love to hear from you