How we Operate

“Rescue Vizslas need food, preventative heart-worm and flea/tick medication, toys, and treats—and that can add up—to about $80/month for healthy dogs. Vizsla Rescue Haven fosters have been physically and/or mentally abused when they come to us so that number can sometimes climb exponentially due to required medication, veterinary, and/or behavioral care.

Each monetary donation we receive goes toward food, bedding, toys, training, and vet bills, as well as a fund to purchase land for a larger haven to accommodate more dogs. Currently, with our limited space, we only have room for six to 8 Vizslas. By 2016, however, we plan on being able to buy enough land and housing to care for up to 20 Vizslas. We are very close to achieving our goal of purchasing a small ranch but need a final influx of donations to get to our goal.