Meet the Board

Kay Ingle, Alpha Leader and Founder of Vizsla Rescue Haven.
Kay discovered Vizslas while working at an animal shelter during the 1970s. A young, frightened, female Vizsla named Cleo was brought in, slated to be euthanized—she would not let anyone near her. Kay spent the next day luring her with pieces of bread until she could pet her. Cleo went home with Kay that night and spent the next 13 years with her—one redhead in a lifelong series. In 1995, Kay helped create The Vizsla Home Page, one of the first if not the first Web site exclusively about Vizslas, aimed at educating people about the breed to help reduce the need for rescues. Kay has been active in rescue, both local and national Vizsla clubs, holding offices and board positions.

Katlyn Grubb

Nancy Staley

Helen Whitney