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Current Residents

Meet Kylo

Here is a new foster, Kylo, a one-year-old male, fear-aggressive of strangers. He came from a small back yard breeder. He bit a child who stepped on him. Kylo was very affectionate with the adults in the family but was very nervous and growly around the children. Then in his first foster he bit three people so Kylo has been placed in a long-term foster home where he can benefit from a trainer and his new foster mom. Kylo is a typical Velcro vizsla who loves to cuddle and be petted. He is over-reactive if he is accidentally stepped on, yelping like he has been skinned alive. We have great hope that Kylo will overcome his stranger aggression.

Kylo Resting







Meet Davey
Davey came to the Vizsla Rescue Haven from a Atchison, Kansas shelter. His second owner had him for about four months when she poked him to get him to move while he was sleeping on her bed. He was startled and bit her. She took him to the shelter and told them to put him to sleep. Vizsla rescue would not take him because he was a biter. Another rescue coordinator contacted me and asked if the Vizsla Rescue Haven would take Davey. I talked to the shelter and Davey had shown no aggression and was friendly with every human and dog he met. So the Vizsla Rescue Haven bought a crate and crate pad and had it sent to the shelter so Davey could be shipped to CA. The shelter person drove him 1 1/2 hrs at to get to his flight at 6:00 a.m. Davey has been in CA for a couple of weeks now. His blood test and stool sample were negative. He is a healthy, small male weighing only 42 lbs. He does need his teeth cleaned and a couple of the black spots around his eyes removed. Davey has been a big hit on the vizsla walks. He gets along with the dogs and people. Davey loves to lay by me while I watch TV and also sleep with me. Twice he has growled lightly when I tried to move him when he was on my bed. Now I just drop a leash with a loop around his head and give him a tug to move him where I want him to be. I will be working with him to wait to get in bed until I am in bed and settled. Davey is a typical vizsla following me where ever I go. He rides in the van well. Unless some behavior shows up, Davey should be adoptable.

Davey and Nikki in the Van
Davey Eating a Fry







Conner 2

Meet Conner
Conner is a five-year-old male Vizsla from Southern CA. He was severely abused by his owner who would rub his face in feces & kick & hit him. When he was 3, Conner bit a child that jumped on him to give him a full body hug while he was sleeping. Eventually he bit one of the owners when she was screaming at him for having diarrhea in the house & dragging him from under the bed. At this point they surrendered him to the VRH. Conner is receiving 24/7 training & socializing with a trainer. Once he has completed this training, he will be evaluated for possible adoption.



Meet Bentley
Bentley came from a back yard breeder in Southern CA. His owners got him when he was 9 mos old. He was skittish from the beginning but when they moved to the country, he freaked out. He barked all the time, ran the fence line, & bit a couple of people. He came to the Haven at the age of 6 in Sept, 2014. Bentley suffered from stranger aggression & resource guarding. In the beginning, he had to be on leash when going for walks. He has become more social and passes strangers, horses, and cows in the off leash park without being reactive. He will even ask for pets and treats from people now. Due to his need for constant management of his behavior problems, Bentley is a “lifer” here at the Haven where he will live out his life being loved & cared for in a home environment.


blaze5 (1)

Meet Blaze
Blaze came from a back yard breeder in Illinois but his owner lived in New York state. He was very fearful of unusual or unexpected noises, startles easily & resource guards also. He did bite a child when startled so the family was concerned about the safety of their kids. When he was 4 yrs old, he came to the Haven in July, 2013. He is a big boy & loves to cuddle & play tug of war. Blaze is a “lifer” at the Haven due to his behavior issues.



Beau arfter 2nd surgery wo coneMeet Beau
Beau was born with a severe cleft palate in June, 2014 & was from a back yard breeder in No. California. The owner tried to re-home the malnourished 12 week old puppy on social media because she could not afford the $8,000 surgery to correct his cleft palate. When the Haven called her, she agreed to give him to the Haven. Beau could not have the surgery until he was a year old. Thanks to a wonderful Haven foster home that nursed him for 9 months until the surgery could be done, Beau came through 3 surgeries & has gotten a Senior Hunter title. Once his condition is deemed stable with no lasting medical issues, his foster family will be adopting him.